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Community Banking Corner: Ideal Online Loan Software Workflow

The trend is quite clear. By the day, fewer people are walking into branches to apply for loans. As a result, more community banks are ramping up their online and mobile lending capabilities and operations to accommodate consumers and their evolving on-the-go lifestyles.

While strategies, goals and operations vary depending on the individual community bank, the basic online workflow provided by their loan software platforms should not. To help institutions better understand the type of workflow necessary to compete in today's hyper-competitive lending market, we have prepared the following infographic to illustrate our point and show you how your loan origination system should support your operations:

General workflow 2.jpg

The Mark IV loan origination system offers all of the flexibility community banks need from their loan software as well as all of the functionality for robust online lending capabilities. While the infographic above maps the general workflow that every loan origination system should provide, Mark IV also offers the following modules for even greater levels of efficiency:

  • Core Import Interface
  • Document Preparation Interface
  • Embedded Geocoder
  • Indirect Finance
  • Mortgage Processor
  • New Account Setup
  • Red Flag Compliance
  • Vehicle Valuation Interface

D.L. Evans Bank needed to increase automation, strengthen its online presence and address regulatory compliance concerns. To learn more about how Mark IV and the Mark IV WebApp helped D.L. Evans Bank achieve these goals and grow consumer lending by 40 percent, please click the button below to request our case study. You can also request a Mark IV consultation by clicking here.

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Photo Credit: SB Archer
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